Plane that landed in Mt. Pleasant marsh won't be removed today

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The small plane that had to make an emergency landing last week in the marsh in Mount Pleasant will not be removed Thursday.

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Last Friday, the pilot was forced to land in the water near the Mount Pleasant Regional Airport. The plane had taken off from North Myrtle Beach. No one was hurt after the pilot was able to safely make an emergency landing in the marsh.

The tow company tasked with moving the plane was hoping to have already removed the plane, but it has been having issues getting it out of the water.

An official with Sea Tow says they hope to remove the plane Friday, but are not sure if that will be possible.

The National Transportation Safety Board is still trying to figure out why the pilot had to make an emergency landing.

Another big concern of authorities on the scene was whether or not the plane was leaking any fuel. The Coast Guard was called out to control any spills.

"With the amount of fuel on board I don't think it would be very detrimental to marine life, but any fuel can't be good, so the coast guard is here to prevent that," Sea Tow assistant manager Doug Miller said.

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