Couple busted for meth lab now charged with exposing child to meth

Patrick M. D'Angelo and Heather M. Moreland.
Patrick M. D'Angelo and Heather M. Moreland.

WEST ASHLEY, SC (AP) - Authorities say two people who were charged for manufacturing meth at a West Ashley home earlier this week now face charges of unlawfully exposing a child to methamphetamine chemicals.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office arrested 43-year-old Patrick D'Angelo and 28-year-old Heather Moreland on Monday morning after a meth lab was found at their home.

Investigators say that a 5-year-old child lived at the Wappoo Road home, but was not present when deputies raided the home. Deputies also arrested 41-year-old Joseph McLaughlin on Monday for a meth lab that was found on Lord Calvert Drive.

Bond was set at $175,750 for both D'Angelo and Moreland with McLaughlin receiving a $220,000 bond.

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