Girl's head struck by teacher with glass bottle in class

(Photo: KHOU/CNN)
(Photo: KHOU/CNN)

KATY, TX (KHOU/CNN) - A middle school teacher in Texas is facing felony charges after she lost her temper in class and allegedly threw a glass bottle, hitting a student in the head.

"Well the teacher got mad and she grabbed a glass and threw it at the girl's head," student Yolimar Velasquez said.

Morton Ranch Junior High art teacher Crystal Andrus is out on a $2,000 bond. She's charged with injury to a child.

"She was already mad, and then people were playing with the blinds. So she just got mad, she grabbed a glass and she threw it. She was like, heading for another girl, but it landed on some other girl's head. And if she wouldn't have been there, it would have hit my face," Yolimar said.

According to the police complaint, Andrus admitted she lost her temper in class and threw a green tea glass bottle at a table of students. She hit a 13-year-old girl in the back of the head.

The complaint reads that the bottle struck her in the head and the girl felt pain, then saw blood on her hands as she touched her head. Authorities said the injury required six staples.

"It's just not appropriate in an educational-type of environment. There are other ways to handle unruliness or noisiness of a class other than throwing a glass bottle," Assistant District Attorney Denise Oncken said.

Parents are upset a teacher would resort to throwing something when they're entrusted to care for children.

"We trust the teachers not to do things that will harm our kids. Because they're supposed to be learning, not being harmed," parent Janet Gibson said.

For former students who were in Andrus' class, no one wins in this situation.

"It's just sad, because she was one of my favorite teachers," Yolimar said.

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