Historic Foundation says new school is "inappropriate" for Sullivan's Island

The Historic Foundation of Charleston says the plans for the new elementary school on Sullivan's Island "seem inappropriate" for the island.

In a letter to Town Council on Wednesday, the foundation said the proposed height, scale, and mass of the purposed building seem inappropriate for the site, character, and context of Sullivan's Island.

The Foundation is concerned that the proposed $26-million school would overwhelm the historic sites adjacent to it.  They are also concerned that the entire building would be seen along the island's beach fronts.

The building's many stairs and ramps, large and low sloping roofs, and shed dormers are what the Foundation said are the issues of inappropriate scale and mass.

Barbara Spell, spokesperson for Islanders for a Smaller Sullivan's Island Elementary School also agrees with the Foundation's letter.  

"We have maintained since the current conceptual drawings were made public that the school is architecturally inappropriate for Sullivan's Island, and that it contradicts every design and neighborhood compatibility ordinance passed by previous Town Councils to maintain the scale and character of our historic, residential neighborhoods," Spell said.

The Foundation's letter said that a slightly smaller, well-designed, properly-scaled and massed building that works within the architectural context of this historic island is certainly possible with restudy and community input.

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