New MUSC research center to bring economic boost to area

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The new Clyburn Research Center at MUSC is expected to be like an economic shot in the arm for the Lowcountry. The university expects to recruit world class scientists to live and work here.

The new James E. Clyburn Research Center is expected to bring big bucks to the area for advanced medical and drug research.

"The Medical University this last year had $243 million of research funding, about three-quarters of that comes through the federal government. These new facilities and the new investigators will allow us to expand that research portfolio," Dr. Ray Greenberg, MUSC President said.

Dr. Greenberg says with a team of top notch recruiters and because the Clyburn Center has state-of-the-art equipment, the Med-U will bring in some world-class scientists who specialize in areas such as cancer, heart disorders, Alzheimer's disease, and tissue transplants.

"There are few campuses in the country that really have this kind of modern facility that's available. We think it will be a great attraction. Plus Charleston is a great place to recruit people to," Dr. Greenberg said.

MUSC expects to fill positions for researchers and their staff, educators and more.

The Charleston Regional Development Alliance, an organization that helps recruit new business to the area, says biomedical is one of its target industries, and with MUSC's research complex, eventually related companies will follow.

"In the biomedical industry, the driver for growth is really research. What we see happening in this particular facility is the ability to bring together some of the brightest minds. We think this is a strong magnet for those businesses that would not only look to Charleston to relocate, but also businesses that will come out of these efforts in terms of research and development," CRDA Vice President of Global Business Development Hank Taylor said.

The Clyburn Center was a nearly $120 million investment in the area, paid for in partnership with federal, state, local, and private money. There was a grand opening at the center on Friday.

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