Downtown Charleston gets a little greener with charging stations

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The non profit group "Plug in Carolina" demonstrated on Tuesday how one of the electric vehicle charging stations will work.

There are stations at the Gaillard parking garage on Calhoun, the visitors center on Meeting and two more will be added to the Queen Street garage.

"Plug in Carolina" says the goal is  to create fewer emissions and lower noise in the city.

"These are public stations that are really meant for convenience to really raise awareness, so if you're shopping or at a restaurant you can top off," said executive director Jim Poch.

Right now, it's free to top off with the city paying for the costs.

Poch estimates the cost will only be one to two hundred dollars a year. He says once more people start using the stations, the city can decide whether to start charging for the electricity.

Right now, they are only being offered at garages downtown.

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