Twitter after dark: Special Report

Sex is everywhere, and now it's invading social media.

Log onto Twitter, and type in the hash tag "#twitterafterdark."

Your computer is quickly bombarded by other Tweeps' tweets and their desires for a late night love fest.

Here are examples we found: Ladies Only. Yeah that's me. Underwear model #twitterafterdark, and twitter after dark anyone??

"Usually in those kinds of situations, social networking sites provide some sort of escape," said Huntsville Family Services Center Executive Director Darin Geiger.

Geiger is seeing more and more innocent couples with major infidelity issues.

He blames social media sites and areas like twitter after dark and calls them one of the fastest growing causes.

Geiger believes the perception is risky tweets or messages are anonymous, but in reality they're anything but.

"When you send a text, when you send an email, when you get on those blogs and you put an imprint on the internet, it's there forever," said Geiger.

Geiger said a recent report from divorce attorneys found a 20 percent increase in divorces blamed on social media encounters.

Scared your partner is in the "cheat with a tweet" crowd? Our expert says: Confront them now.

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"I think the number one issue we're talking about here is trust," said Geiger.

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