Five car break-ins in two months in Charleston neighborhood

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Each year there are nearly 1.5 million car break-ins nationwide according to the FBI. Several people in the Village Green neighborhood off Highway 61, have recently reported lost tools, electronics, and more.

All appears quiet in Village Green, but on the homeowner's association website, residents have been making noise about being robbed.

Kayce writes, "My car was broken into last night on Forest Glen Drive. If you see your son, daughter, or anyone else using a new XM radio and you have no idea how they came into possession of it, say something."

Charleston Police say since September residents have reported five car break-ins, and police say the thieves have gotten away with valuables like: tools, GPS devices, iPods, DVD player, and a handgun

"Don't provide the opportunity for that crime to occur. You can have all criminals walking through a neighborhood, if there's nothing to steal, there's nothing to steal. On a given day 5% to 15% of all cars in a neighborhood are unlocked," crime prevention officer Sgt. Trevor Shelor said.

Sgt. Shelor says a large percentage of the time thieves go for GPS devices on the dashboard or iPods in cup holders because they are valuables in view. Sgt. Shelor says he came out to the neighborhood posting warning signs reminding people to lock their doors, secure items from view, and report suspicious activity.

Homeowners say everyone can work together keep everyone's property safe and secure.

"When they leave their residences, secure all, even leave the front and garage lights on, and keep an eye on the neighborhood," Joe Farrugia said.

Police say these five car break-ins happened in different areas of the neighborhood, and in all five cases the victims say they left their doors unlocked.

Police say many times this type of crime goes unreported. They say it's actually very important to report break-ins because it helps them target any problem areas so that they know where to send extra patrols.

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