Get home heating systems serviced for winter

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - With cold weather fast approaching chances are you may soon be firing up your furnace to keep warm. Now is the time to get it checked and maintenance complete before any troubles arise for winter.

Experts say most home heating systems can trouble-free, if you keep them in top condition. The most common types of heating systems are gas or electric. Upkeep can be a complex process, but there are professionals who can help.

Clarence Beich of Service Experts Heating and Air Conditioning says when answering maintenance calls he checks for a proper working motor and for dirt, dust, mold, or rust within the system. If it's dirty he uses brushes or coil cleaner to remove the debris. If the motor doesn't work properly he troubleshoots and fixes the problem.

"I always recommend having it on routine maintenance. Try and do it before the first cold snap. The main goal of doing maintenance is to make sure you have no breakdowns on the system by checking the key components: coil, heat exchanger, burners, and making sure the gas is properly going into the gas valve," Beich said.

In addition to keeping your comfortable in cold weather, a properly running system can save you money on heating costs and expensive repair costs in the future. There's something you can do easily to improve the efficiency of your heating system and that is changing the filter, if it's a disposable type. Experts say change them when it becomes clogged or once a month. To clean permanent filters refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

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