Summerville woman finds needle in children's Halloween candy

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - It was a scary Halloween for one woman who claims she found a needle and syringe in her child's candy bag Monday night.

"You hear the horror stories online and on TV, but never did I think it was going to be me or my kids. Never," Geny Moringlane said Tuesday.

Moringlane says she is still shocked after she went through her children's candy and found a needle and syringe.

"At first you think it's a joke," she said. "Maybe you think OK, maybe this is some type of candy or a prank. Then I opened the cap and it was an actual needle. I was floored."

Moringlane says the capped hypodermic needle, one made for injecting insulin, was mixed in with her children's candy, candy that she immediately threw away.

Moringlane lives in the Bridges of Summerville, a neighborhood of off Midland Drive. She says her family went down several streets Monday night, getting candy from at least 40 houses.

The family went down Regency Oaks, Beverly Drive, Burton Avenue and Creekside Drive. She says she has no idea which house gave out the syringe.

Moringlane decided to call the police around 10 p.m. Monday.

"I called the main department. They said they would have an officer call me. I told them the story and he told me unfortunately there's nothing they can do because they don't know which house it came from," Moringlane said.

With no way to find out where the needle came from, Moringlane says the only thing she can do is come up with a safer Halloween plan for next year.

"next year we'll buy our own stash when they come home with that candy. We'll dump it and replace it this way I know where the candy came from," Moringlane said.

Moringlane says when she talked with the Summerville police department, they told her they hadn't received any other reports of syringes found in candy.

Moringlane says she's considering taking the needle to be tested. It was capped when she found it, so neither she nor her children were stuck with the needle.

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