Man arrested after allegedly holding woman at gunpoint for information

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - Walterboro Public Safety officers arrested a man accused of following a woman in her car and then holding her at gunpoint Tuesday morning.

Arrest warrants were served Thursday morning on 38-year-old James Matthew Walker, of Round O. Walker is charged with pointing and presenting a firearm, unlawful carrying of a firearm and kidnapping.

The victim told Walterboro police that she was driving with her husband to a Bells Highway gas station when she noticed a man following her in a white SUV. The woman said she knew the man, later identified as Walker, from a previous encounter last Saturday where he accused her of breaking into his father's home.

When the woman pulled into a parking lot the suspect parked behind her and got out of his car, the police report states. According to the victim, he approached her as she was exiting her car and again started asking questions about the break-in at his father's house.

The police report goes on to say that the woman again told him that she was not involved and at that time the suspect reached into his waistban and pulled out a black handgun and pointed it at her. He continued to ask about the break-in.

The victim told police that he then handed her a pen and told her to write down her name, her husband's name and their telephone number. After she gave him the information, she said he told her "If I catch you alone it will be the end of you." The suspect got back into his vehicle and fled the scene.

He was arrested Thursday.

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