Mayoral race heats up following release of attack ad

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston mayoral race is heating up between incumbent Mayor Joe Riley and an anonymous group of citizens supporting city Councilman William Dudley Gregorie. The group known as "Citizens for a Better Charleston" raised the money and put out an attack ad against Riley and in support of Gregorie.

Riley's supporters call the group unethical and say that claims about the mayor on their website, are lies. The group attacks Riley for raising taxes, endangering the history of the city, and neglecting infrastructure.

"They're half-truths, misrepresentations, very questionable things that are personal attacks not only of the mayor, and other people," Mayor Riley supporter Jimmy Bailey said.

Gregorie says he isn't affiliated with the group. He doesn't know who they are, and his campaign hasn't gotten any money from the group, but he welcomes the endorsement.

"This is the perfect storm. Things are finally being unveiled. People now have a real opportunity to look at what has been accomplished in the city, and some of the things that have not really been done in the best interest of the citizens," Gregorie said.

Gregorie says the claims "Citizens for a Better Charleston" is putting out publicly against Riley are true. Riley's supporters disagree, and they have put out their own literature correcting what they say are lies.

Live 5 tried to contact the "Citizens for a Better Charleston" group for a response, but there was no response. Riley faces four challengers in the mayoral race including Gregorie, Joshua Kennedy, Craig Jelks, and David Farrow.

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