Church members reach out to help victims of deadly home invasion

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Allison Griffor, the five-year-old shot and killed in her West Ashley home a week and a half ago will be buried in Michigan on Saturday. Here in Charleston, the community is reaching out to help her family.

Griffor died after being shot in the head while sleeping. Charleston County deputies say someone shot through the front door of the family's home, striking her in the head at around 1 a.m. on Oct. 25.

Landlord Jim Kenney says the Griffors moved into the Pierpont Avenue home a little less than three months ago.

Kenney says apparently the suspect was outside the front door shooting from an angle, sending bullets through the door, two layers of sheet rock and into the bedroom where Griffor and her brothers were sleeping. The headboard even shows where a bullet grazed the wood.

"They were just wonderful people start to finish. Wonderful family. Kids were beautiful," Kenney said.

The Sunday before the shooting, Crosstowne Christian Church lead pastor Paul Rienzo says the message spoke to mother of three, Jennifer Griffor.

"That particular Sunday she's exchanging phone numbers to get to know people more here at Crosstowne. Then when the event happens that night, she has only one call she can make because they're new to town, don't know anybody," Rienzo said.

Two days later, the Griffors would need the support of a church family. Their home was a crime scene after Charleston County sheriff's deputies investigated the home invasion and shooting of Allison Griffor and her father, William Griffor. Allison died two days later at the hospital after being struck in the head.

"In this tragedy people just came together. If we can't avoid tragedy, we can avoid the greater tragedy, and that is anybody goes through one of these events by themselves," Rienzo said.

Now Crosstowne Christian Church members are helping by cleaning up the home and preparing to sell the family's belongings in a garage sale. The proceeds will help pay medical and funeral expenses. One day, they would like to see a park dedicated in Allison's memory.

The Griffors had a memorial, or celebration of Allison's life, at Crosstowne Christian Church last Saturday, before going back to Michigan for the funeral. 

The family pastor and landlord say they are not sure if the family will stay in Michigan or come back to Charleston.

No suspect has been named. Crimestoppers is offering a reward for any information in the case.

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