Study finds happiness helps you live longer

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Optimism rules. If you want to live longer, be happy. At least that's what the results of a new study found.

The study said people who reported feeling good or happy were 35 percent less likely to die than those who felt least happy.

Researchers looked at nearly 4,000 people and had them rate their feelings throughout one day.

After checking back five years later, they got the results by looking at the ones in the study who died.

So we searched out people in stressful situations. Why are people happy or not? Is it their lives or their general good natured disposition?

Paul Pendley gets up everyday and writes parking tickets and he's happy. "Everyday presents a new challenge, a new opportunity," he said. "I enjoy it."

That's an interesting way to put it. But, like we said, he's happy.

Jessica Supplee scoops ice cream. She's happy, but not why you think. "I'll be married to my husband two years next month, so we have a lot of fun," she said.

But what else makes Supplee happy? "I have a really great dog," she said. Notice she hasn't mentioned her job yet.

How about one of these protestors at the State House? Are they having a good day? Daniel Wilkes is one of the protestors.

"I try not to let things bring down my general happiness," said Wilkes.

But Keith Mosher can't separate his happiness from everything else. "It's definitely reducing my life, my longevity," said Mosher. "It's definitely causing me stress."

Back to Supplee, who lets her customers' demeanor rub off on her. "It's hard to be in a bad mood when you have customers like that," she said.

Funny how a few calories can also be good for the sole and the heart.

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