Family: Man's concern for sister being bullied on bus led to kidnapping charges

HOLLY HILL, SC (WCSC) - An Orangeburg County man was charged with kidnapping after deputies say he blocked a school bus with his car. The man's family says he was just trying to help his little sister.

Shaugn Brown says for weeks her 10-year-old daughter Sanaya had been getting off the bus in tears.

"There's a pattern of it all the time. There's plenty of problems that everybody is ignoring. Bullying is OK in Holly Hill, South Carolina," Brown said.

Sanaya said she was being bullied on the bus and even when she told the bus driver, nothing happened.

"I went to the front of the bus and she told me to go back to the back of the bus and they kept on throwing screws at me," the girl said.

That was more than her 20-year old brother could take. He went to talk to the driver.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office charged Quinton Brown with kidnapping last Friday.

A 69-year-old school bus driver said she was turning around in the roadway on Caufield Court when Quinton pulled up in a tan volkswagon and blocked the bus from moving.

Authorities say Quinton then got out of his car and went over to talk to the bus driver about his sister and an incident he said occurred on the bus. He asked the driver about the alleged incident, but the driver said she didn't know.

"She's 10 years old. He just wanted to protect her and he didn't raise his voice, he didn't scream, he didn't curse, he didn't get on the bus, he just asked her 'what happened to my sister? Why does she have these knocks on her head?' " Shaugn Brown said.

According to incident reports, the driver refused to have a conversation with Quinton Brown telling him to go to the district office.

Brown was arrested and charged with kidnapping. He spent the weekend in jail and bond was set at $25,000. His sister was devastated.

"She said "It's all my fault mommy. If I had known this was going to happen I wouldn't even have told brother. That's why I don't say anything,' " Shaugn Brown said.

The driver says brown refused to move and ordered his sister to "pull the car back closer so the bus couldn't move."

Sanaya Brown saw it differently, saying that she thought the driver was going to hit her brother so she moved the car.

Quinton Brown's attorney admits he shouldn't have blocked the bus, but feels law enforcement went too far.

"There is an offense that is more appropriate which would be interfering with a bus driver," she said.

Interfering with a bus driver is similar to disorderly conduct, which could carry a penalty of 90 days in jail. The kidnapping charge could result in a sentence of up to 30 years.

Shaughn Brown admits her son was wrong, but says if the district had listened to her little girl it never would have come to this.

"She told. Something should have been done well before we have to come to court," Brown said.

The Orangeburg District 3 school superintendent had no comment because the case is currently under investigation by the sheriff's office.

When deputies went to Quinton's home, Quinton told them that he did stop and block the bus. He said he talked to the driver about what happened on the bus. Quinton was then placed under arrest for kidnapping.

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