Four arrested in connection to string of house burglaries

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office has arrested four men they say may be behind a string of house break ins in one neighborhood.

Investigators charged 23-year-old John Henry Brown and 23-year-old Brandon Michael Gibbs with second-degree burglary. Also arrested were 22-year-old Eric Geral Gibbs who was charged with accessory after the fact of a felony and obtaining money under false pretenses and 22-year-old Carlos Allen who was charged with accessory after the fact of a felony.

Authorities say at least seven homes on four streets in the Devon Forest subdivision near Goose Creek have been hit.

The victim of one of the most recent burglaries said Monday that the thieves fed her dogs to quiet them down before stealing jewelry, money and a gun.

Michele Fleming was working late last Wednesday when a friend called her and gave her the bad news.

"I was terrified," Fleming said. "I was terrified, I was angry and to this day I'm still scared."

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office says Fleming's home is one of at least seven that were targeted in the Devon Forest subdivision near Goose Creek.

Fleming said the thieves apparently used a screwdriver to break a window on the side of the house, and found a way to quiet down her three dogs.

"They fed my dogs because they're kept in a kennel," Fleming said.

The victim said the burglars may have been hiding out in thick over brush waiting to make their move, and then hopped her fence.

"Went through my master bedroom, took all of my diamonds, class ring," Fleming said.

They also took money and one of her guns. Deputies say the burglars may have left their DNA behind.

"When they broke through my window they cut themselves and bled on my futon, so they got blood samples from that," Fleming explained.

The thieves also left her with a false sense of security.

"Violated, my one place that's supposed to be private and secure is no longer that," Fleming said.

From now on, Fleming will carry a gun near her home.

"I'm to the point I walk my dogs in my own backyard and I feel like I have to arm myself, feel like I have to arm myself in my house," she said. "Now I have an alarm system, an alarm system I didn't think I was gonna need in this neighborhood."

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