Bus driver arrested for assaulting student

A Colleton County bus driver is speaking out after being arrested for assaulting a student.

He admits what he did was wrong, but said the entire situation could have been prevented.

According to the Colleton County Sheriff's Office, on October 27, 35-year-old bus driver Terris Richard grabbed the 15-year-old student by the throat and threw him into the bus window.

Richard, who's black, said he was upset with the student, who's white, for using the N-word on the bus.

He said he reported the student weeks earlier for using the word, but said nothing was done. On the day of the incident, according to the sheriff's office report, witnesses stated Richard grabbed the student and slammed his head into the bus window.

Richard said what he did was wrong and that he deserved to be punished, but also said he wished something would've been done about the student beforehand.

According to the report, a witness told deputies Richard threatened to "shoot up" the student's house and "kill his daddy."

Richard has been fired from his job.

He's been charged with assault and battery.

Calls to the student's parents went unreturned Monday.