Congressman Tim Scott hears concerns from local businesses

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A national trucking company, home developers, a propane company and local fishermen all share a common ground. They must abide by government rules and regulations, and as Congressman Tim Scott learned, government is having an impact on their businesses.

Truckers are paid to deliver all the items you see on store shelves. Many are concerned about a new federal proposal regulating how many hours a trucker can drive and make deliveries.

"If the wheels aren't rolling they aren't making any money. They want to get out here and make a living for their families. If they're not making money they're not providing for their families," said Jerry Peterson, safety director at Bulldog Hiway Express.

Peterson says the legislation will drop drive time from 11 hours to 10. Supporters say the regulation is for safety reasons, but Peterson says fatalities involving large trucks have been on a decline.

Charleston area fishermen say federal laws and annual catch limits have made it a struggle to stay afloat, even forcing some in the industry to go out of business.

"The way the regulations are structured now is that a lot of fisheries are closed, and we're not allowed to fish for them, and so people won't go fishing if they can't take any fish home with them," fisherman and charter boat captain Mark Brow said.

Brown says catch limits make it impossible to make a living selling fish or chartering trips.

"When you come out to the company and you see first hand, you feel firsthand the impact, the frustration, and lack of employment opportunity because of regulations, you take that back with you and you hope to create more impact, more awareness for others about what's going on," Scott said.

Scott says he will take the concerns he heard from his constituents back up to Washington DC, to spread awareness among fellow Congress members and to help make positive changes for small businesses.

His Congressional district includes Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester, Georgetown and Horry Counties.

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