Goose Creek gunman still at large after leaving man in critical condition

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Berkeley County sheriff's deputies are still searching for the gunman who left a man in critical condition after a shooting outside a Goose Creek bar Tuesday night.

The shooting happened at the Shady Lady Billiards Lounge on Red Bank Road around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

A bartender said this was a random shooting and had nothing to do with the bar or its customers, but deputies say the bar place has a history of gunfire.

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"We heard a couple of gunshots, then a quick pause, then a couple more gunshots, and everyone jumped on the ground," a bartender, who only wants to be identified as "Akeem," said.

Akeem said 15 customers were in the bar around 6:30 p.m. when the shots rang out. He said when he looked outside, he realized someone had been hit.

"When I looked outside the door, there was a dude on the ground kind of rolling a little bit," Akeem said.

Akeem said he then locked the front and back doors and called 911.

According to the incident report, a 30-year-old man was shot in the lower torso and upper part of his legs in the parking lot.

Akeem said he heard six or seven shots fired, then saw the shooter's car leave the parking lot, heading toward North Rhett Avenue.

Deputies said by the time they got there, the victim had been taken to Trident Medical Center by someone at the scene.  Akeem said he didn't recognize the victim and said he wasn't a customer at the bar.

"It wasn't an argument inside here. I guess they got into it down the road and ended up in the parking lot," Akeem said.

Deputies are still investigating this case, but said several violent incidents have happened at, or near, Shady Lady.

Authorities said just last week, on Oct. 31, shots were fired near the bar's parking lot, and deputies found shell casings from two different guns.

"People get into altercations all the time. They might get into a scuffle in here, but that's what we have security for," Akeem said. "We escort them outside, but a lot of times we can't control what actually goes on in the parking lot."

A spokesperson for the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office said the victim is in critical condition at Trident Medical Center, as of Wednesday night.

The person who drove the victim to the hospital has been questioned by deputies because, according to the report, they found a gun in his car outside the hospital.

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