Unknown Marine buried in Goose Creek

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Our veterans are being honored across the country for their service, but in Goose Creek dozens of people paid their respects to an unknown marine.

"About a year ago this urn was presented to us, came from a flea market up in Ladson," American Legion Goose Creek Post Commander Ron DeMello said.

Before that it was in a storage unit that the owner didn't pay for, so all the contents had been auctioned and sold. The box was filled with ashes, with a marine emblem on the front, but no other identification.

The legion says with no name on the box of ashes, and no way of knowing who's storage unit the box was in, they decided to bury their unknown comrade with military honors.

"We decided to bury it in our front yard, whoever it is, he or she," DeMello said.

"Everybody that served in the military deserves the honor. It's just putting this one piece to rest," marine vet Caz Zukowski said.

Following the ceremony people took a moment to say a prayer, leave flowers, or salute their unknown comrade. Marine widow Mary Firing left two small flags.

"This is a young man whose family is not here. They don't know who it is, but I know if his mother could be here, she would. I feel everyone needs someone, and I'm so glad everyone came out here to be here for him," Firing said.

The Goose Creek legion buried the ashes right in front of their Howe Hall Road Legion Post this afternoon. They say funeral homes and cemeteries that they talked to would not bury the ashes without knowing the identity.

More than 100 people came out for the burial and ceremony for the unknown marine.

The American Legion Goose Creek post says it waited a year to see if anyone came forward with information on this person's identity before holding today's ceremony.

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