Citadel: Campers watched porn in ReVille's dorm room in 2002

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - New details were released on a former Citadel graduate accused of child molestation.

Citadel President Lt. Gen John W. Rosa and board of visitors chairman Doug Snyder released a statement Saturday about 32-year-old Louis "Skip" Reville.

According to the statement, the school regrets not digging deeper into an incident that occurred in Reville's dorm room in 2002.

Two summer camp kids reported that they were watching pornography with Reville on his computer and that they engaged in sexual activities, according to the report.

Reville is a former coach and school administrator. Police say he confessed to sexually assaulting five teenage boys that he coached in Mt. Pleasant.

Recently, Hanahan police have said they would file six new charges against Reville.

The full statement is below:

"The Citadel family is deeply saddened that one of its alumni has committed, by his own admission, acts that betray the principles and values for which the college stands. We remain dedicated to the wellbeing of all who are associated with The Citadel.

As has been reported, in 2007 The Citadel received an allegation against Louis Neal "Skip" ReVille. We want to make it very clear that, as soon as this information was brought to our attention, The Citadel immediately investigated the accusation.

In 2007, a former camper at The Citadel Summer Camp reported that, five years prior, in 2002, he was in the room of Mr. ReVille along with another camper. The individual stated they watched pornography on Mr. ReVille's computer. They did not touch each other, but they engaged in sexual activity.

Because of the seriousness of the accusation, The Citadel's general counsel conducted an investigation immediately, including travelling to the individual and his family and conducting an interview.

A thorough review of Mr. ReVille's records revealed no other complaints, and interviews indicated that he was highly regarded by those at camp. His file included a clean background check conducted by an outside organization. Unlike his admissions to current charges, Mr. ReVille strongly denied the accusation.

Mr. ReVille was a highly respected cadet whose peers elected him chairman of the Honor Court, and at graduation he was presented the award for excellence in public service.

 Mr. ReVille and the victim only overlapped at the camp during one three week session in 2001. The general counsel re-examined the victim's matter, and found no allegations concerning Mr. ReVille.

Though the general counsel was unable to corroborate the accusation, the college continued its investigation with the camper's family, who made it clear they were very concerned about maintaining their privacy and not having their names publicized.

Despite the concerns of the family, whose right to privacy was foremost on our minds, we regret that we did not pursue this matter further.

Four years later Mr. ReVille faces serious charges. We continue to offer our cooperation with any and all police investigations. The Citadel family offers its thoughts and prayers to those who have been affected by these events."

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