The Citadel on ReVille case: 'We're profoundly sorry'

Louis ReVille
Louis ReVille
Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa speaks during a press conference Monday.
Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa speaks during a press conference Monday.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Citadel's President, Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa, said Monday that the school is "profoundly sorry" that it did not follow up on a 2002 case that involved suspected child predator Louis "Skip" ReVille.

The Citadel held a press conference Monday afternoon to discuss a 2002 incident, that was reported in 2007, that involved two summer camp kids that reportedly watched pornography with ReVille on his computer and engaged in sexual activities.

"We're profoundly sorry. We're sorry we didn't pursue it more," Rosa said. "We acted on our best information and after the fact we did not follow on this."

ReVille, a former coach and private school principal, was arrested earlier this month. Police say he confessed to sexually assaulting five teenage boys that he coached in Mt. Pleasant. Last week, Hanahan police said they plan to file six new charges against ReVille. On Monday, the Summerville Police Department says that they are also investigating ReVille.

According to Rosa, at the time the incident was brought to the school's attention, it was "not criminal in nature" and was portrayed as a settlement case. Rosa said that the school should have take more action.

"We didn't consider an outside investigation. We thought we were handling the family's needs," Rosa said.

Attorney Mullins McLeod, who is representing the camper who came forward, also held a press conference Monday afternoon to release more details of the 2002 incident.

"Had The Citadel reported facts, what we're seeing now might not have happened," McLeod said.

According to Rosa, the victim's family was not pleased with the case and did not want to be part of the gossip.

"The victim and his family asked the Citadel for one thing: 'Stop Skip ReVille from molesting any more children.' " McLeod said.

Rosa said the settlement involved the school helping the victim complete courses and study at the school. At that point, Rosa said the school did not hear back from the family and communication ended.

Rosa also revealed Monday that a 169-page report on the incident was just brought to light to him and other board members 72 hours ago. Rosa said the school has not put anyone on administrative leave, but said the investigation will be handled swiftly and that the school will be looking into their actions.

Earlier Monday, The Citadel Board of Visitors met in a closed door emergency executive meeting to discuss the ReVille case.

Monday's news comes on the heels of Rosa and board of visitors chairman Doug Snyder releasing a statement Saturday regarding ReVille. According to the statement, the school said it regrets not digging deeper into an incident that occurred in Reville's dorm room in 2002.

Two summer camp kids reported that they were watching pornography with ReVille on his computer and that they engaged in sexual activities, according to the report.

"The family, who no longer lives in the Charleston area, has been shocked in recent weeks to learn that The Citadel did not report the abuse and that Skip ReVille continued coaching and teaching the children of our community," McLeod said.

McLeod said that had The Citadel reported the facts, the most recent allegations might not have happened.

"The family is trying to cope with the situation," McLeod said. "It has been devastating. They are now considering legal action against The Citadel."

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