Citadel releases transcripts of interview with alleged sex abuse victim

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Citadel released documents regarding a 2007 complaint against an admitted child sex predator Louis "Skip" ReVille.

Those documents include transcripts of an interview with the accuser who attended a summer camp at the military college. ReVille was a counselor at that camp.

"I'm here to tell, you we didn't do what we should have done," Citadel President Lt. Gen. John Rosa, said.

Lt. Gen. Rosa said when he read through all the documents regarding the sexual abuse complaint against ReVille, he was immediately concerned.

"It was concern that we didn't do what we were supposed to do," Lt. Gen. Rosa said.

Those documents include a 160-page interview with the alleged victim shortly after the complaint was filed in 2007.

The alleged incident happened in 2002 when the camper was 13 years old.

In the report, he told an attorney for the Citadel that he was invited by another camper to ReVille's room. He said he went to the dorm room twice because ReVille ordered them Chinese food.

But on the second visit, according to the transcripts, the camper said ReVille asked him and another camper to spend the night, then ReVille began showing them pornography on his computer.

The accuser said he got uncomfortable when ReVille started touching himself, and told him he just wanted to go to sleep. That's when he said ReVille became "a little aggressive" and asked the boy to "come back to the computer and join them."

The camper said ReVille did not touch him, but that he felt pressured to touch himself.

In the transcript the alleged victim said after the incident he "felt completely violated."

The camper said he was embarrassed and ashamed, which is why he waited five years before telling his parents.

Mullins McLeod, an attorney representing the family, said they believed the incident would be reported to police in 2007, but it wasn't.

In those interview transcripts, the alleged victim said this about why he decided to speak out about ReVille.

"I don't want him to do to another kid what he did to me," the camper said.

According to reports, the former camper described how this alleged incident affected his life. He said he "crossed over to the dark side" and abused drugs and alcohol.

Lt. Gen. Rosa said the school believed it acted in the best interest of all those involved in the sexual abuse complaint.

The report has now been turned over to police, and Rosa said a company has been brought in to make sure the Citadel followed all policies and procedures regarding the 2007 complaint.

ReVille is charged with molesting five teenage boys in Mount Pleasant.

Police in Hanahan are also investigating six separate cases.

Monday afternoon, the Summerville Police Department confirmed it is also investigating ReVille.

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