Missing historical markers found; Boy Scout restoring them for project

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - The mystery of three missing historical markers that were presumed to be stolen has been solved.

It turns out the signs were not stolen. A Boy Scout had permission to take them to do a restoration project.

"I was kind of frustrated because I was trying to help the community and I didn't want them to think we were trying to steal signs and sell them for scrap," said Jamie Greenwood who's doing the project to achieve Eagle Scout status.

Greenwood's father got permission from the State Department of Archives and History back in May to take the markers from their posts. He also notified the Berkeley County Historical Society. at that time.

Frank Greenwood said he notified the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office on October 12 that he was taking the signs.

The Historical Society said it was under the impression Greenwood would do the work in May and not now.

"What we know now? Very embarrassed because I felt like I was the one responsible for getting the information to you," said Anne Propst of the Historical Society.

Greenwood said he hopes to finish the marker restoration project by January, 2012. He will then return the markers to their historic sites.

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