Man accused of sexually assaulting 5 and 7-year-old girls

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - Deputies arrested a man they say sexually assaulted 5 and 7-year-old girls. According to an Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department incident report, deputies responded to a complaint made by the mother of the two girls on Sunday.

When deputies arrived to the home, they say 18-year-old Richard Gadson was laying in the front yard.

The victims' mother told deputies that Gadson had performed sexual acts on her two daughters the previous night. When deputies began to question Gadson, he refused to answer.

The mother told deputies that Gadson attempted to strangle himself and said,"He would rather die than go to jail."

Deputies say they restrained Gadson and notified EMS as a precaution. When EMS arrived, deputies say he refused medical attention.

According to an incident report, Gadson had no visible injuries.

The mother of the girls told deputies that her daughters said Gadson had sexually assaulted them. Later on, when investigators arrived on the scene, they questioned Gadson and he admitted to sexually touching the girls and coercing them into other sex acts.

Gadson also told investigators that he needs help and said at times he becomes "sex crazy" and he's unable to control his urges.

Gadson was arrested and the mother of the two girls transported them to the Regional Medical Center for examination by medical staff.

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