Pastor claims 'war on Christmas' being fought in Midlands schools

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - A Midlands pastor and his wife claim teachers in Lexington School District Four could be punished for decorating with Christmas trees, though the district says otherwise.
The Harrisons said they aren't asking that teachers promote Christmas, but they do want make sure traditions like Christmas trees and cards aren't banned in an effort to be politically correct. The school district says they are trying to be sensitive to everyone's religious beliefs, but the Harrisons say they have proof that shows otherwise.
Larry and Debra Harrison say a teacher in their congregation received a memo banning Christmas trees, and they claim the district has taken it one step further. "Cannot say 'merry Christmas,' no Christmas readings, cannot pass out Christmas candy, and they were concerned that they could no longer take part in things that were part of our own heritage," said Harrison. 
The couple says they want to make sure Christmas is being given the same treatment as other religious holidays. "Are we in our society trying to do away with anything that has the word Christ in it?" asked Harrison.
Lexington School District Four said religious holiday symbols -- including Christmas trees -- are allowed as teaching tools, and should be only be used for a short amount of time. Elsewhere, Lexington Two and Three allow Christmas decorations in the classroom as long as other religious holidays are also represented.
Sherrelle Ott is glad the speculation has been put to rest. "I certainly appreciate the clarification, and I hope we can move forward from this," she said.
Despite Lexington Four's statement, the Harrisons insist Christmas decorations aren't welcome in the district even as teaching tools.

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