Police officer uses Facebook to save life

(Photo: Bay 9 News/CNN)
(Photo: Bay 9 News/CNN)

PASO COUNTY, FL (Bay 9 News/CNN) – A Florida man's life was saved thanks to a quick-thinking police officer who used social media to keep him from committing suicide.

"We were actually able to send a friend request, which he accepted immediately," said Cpl. Arthur Morrison, II.

Morrison is part of the Pasco County, FL sheriff's office negotiating team. He responded to a man who barricaded himself in a shed and told his wife he wanted the cops to take his life.

"He was refusing to answer the phone and did not want to speak to us over the phone, but he was very willing to type and talk through the computer," Morrison said.

Deputies say the man reportedly said he was "going to do something to make the cops kill me," and he was armed with a .357 handgun.

Morrison typed the man a life line on Facebook chat, trying to convince him to not commit suicide. The two chatted on Facebook until the man set fire to a mattress, then left the shed.

The man was taken into custody, but his identity has not been released.

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