New lawsuit filed against The Citadel, Arpaio

Michael Arpaio
Michael Arpaio

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - A new lawsuit was just filed against The Citadel by an alleged victim of convicted child molester Michael Arpaio. The lawsuit was filed by the Bell Legal Group.

The lawsuits accuse Arpaio of raping a boy when Arpaio worked as a volunteer counselor at a summer camp at The Citadel. Arpaio is also named in the civil suit.

Bell represented five other campers who sued the school back in 2003, claiming they had been molested by Arpaio. The Citadel settled the suits for $3.8 million.

"This investigation needs to be about the rights of the campers," Bell said. "Fortunately, South Carolina has laws in place which protect the rights of childhood victims of sexual abuse to seek legal redress once they become adults."

Arpaio pleaded guilty in military court to charges including indecent assault and spent 15 months in the navy brig in Hanahan.

The lawsuit comes four days after The Citadel's President, Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa addressed the media saying that the school is "profoundly sorry" that it did not follow up on a 2002 case that involved suspected child predator Louis "Skip" ReVille.

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