SLED to investigate ReVille sex abuse case

The Citadel Board of Visitors is asking for a public, independent investigation of the Citadel's response in the Louis ReVille case. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division also announced that is investigating the case against ReVille.

ReVille was a camp counselor at the Citadel summer camp and is now facing multiple sexual abuse charges.

The Board of Visitors chairman, Douglas Snyder sent a letter to Attorney General Alan Mccrory Wilson on Saturday, asking for this investigation.

In 2007 a former camper accused ReVille of inappropriate sexual behavior. The camper reported it to Citadel officials but after an internal investigation, they didn't report it to the police.

Last week, Citadel leaders admitted they made a mistake and handled it wrong.

In the letter from the board of visitors they said there's a reason they want the Citadel's response investigated.

"We believe in the spirit of transparency, the public interest will best be served by your identifying an independent counsel to conduct this review and issue findings to the board of visitors and the people of south Carolina."

ReVille was principal at Coastal Christian Prepatory School when he was arrested.

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