Citadel president under scrutiny during ReVille investigation

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Citadel is now under scrutiny for the way it handled a sex abuse allegation against Louis "Skip" ReVille who worked at the school as a camp counselor from 2000 to 2004. The man leading the school, President Lieutenant General John Rosa, is feeling the heat.

"I think General Rosa is the guy to lead us through this," says Allen Carter, former North Charleston realtor and Citadel graduate.
Even during the tough times, Carter proudly wears his 1962 Citadel class ring.
Over the last few weeks, he said he's heard people call for the school's Lieutenant General to step down from his post but Carter's not falling in line.
"At the Citadel our standard is higher," says Carter. "People look it at us and say they have a really high standard and maybe we can pick a flaw in it. We tend to try and destroy our heroes perhaps."
Rosa held a press conference a week ago today confronting allegations that the Citadel didn't do enough while investigating a 2007 complaint of child sex abuse against former camp counselor Louis "Skip" ReVille.
Rosa said the school was sorry that they didn't pursue it more and the military college acted on the best information they had available to them.
But Rosa's remarks and statement the school didn't handle the investigation properly sent shockwave's through the ranks.
A handful of alumni told Live 5 News they aren't happy with Rosa's judgement and want him out but didn't want to have their names and statements made public.
But other alumni support the Lieutenant General, like Carter.
Just last year, the Citadel's Board of Visitor's offered General Rosa a 5-year contract extension saying he is an "ideal leader for challenging times ahead."
Carter says those times are now.

"If you're following behind somebody drunk driving and you know he's drunk and you don't call anybody to report it and he eventually kills somebody," questions Carter, "is it your fault?"

The answer to that question as it relates to the Citadel will have to be determined by an internal and an independent investigation to be shared with the public in the future.

The Citadel Board of Visitors called on South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson Friday, asking him to conduct an investigation that will report its findings directly to the board and the public about the way the Citadel handled the 2007 complaint against ReVille.

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