Deputies: Man faked own kidnapping to extort money from his mother

ELGIN, SC (WIS) - Kershaw County deputies say an Elgin man staged his own kidnapping and tried to extort money from his mother. 
Kershaw County investigators got a 9-1-1 call from an Elgin mother who told dispatchers that someone kidnapped her son, beat him and left him for dead. The kidnapper wanted ransom money, and said he'd tell where the body was. 
After haggling the kidnappers down, deputies got involved and found out the kidnapper was the woman's own son. 
Sheriff's Captain Chris Phillips says investigators knew early on something just didn't add up. Deputies say Chris Hutto himself sent the texts to his own mother, telling her that he'd been kidnapped, beaten and his body left in the woods. 
The kidnapper wanted money before he'd tell her where to find her son. "He went from $100 not to $60, but actually down to $50 for information leading to her son's badly beaten body," said Phillips.
Phillips got on the mom's cell phone and used it to arranged a money drop at a cemetery off Highway 1 near the Kershaw-Richland county line. "We had his mother decide to come here and place an empty envelope," said Phillips. "She placed that envelope beside this building right here."
Deputies had the place surrounded, and watched Hutto run from the site into the woods across the street, where his black dodge getaway truck was waiting. Before he could get away, deputies took him down. 
deputies say Hutto had his cell phone in his pocket with the text messages still on it. Phillips says Hutto confessed to plotting the extortion.
Hutto's troubles with the law could take some time to sort out, but the sheriff says mama's justice could find him sooner. "I understand his mother wants to throw him a beating because of what he did," said Phillips. "Our deputies calmed her down, so it's a sad situation all the way around."
Investigators say Chris Hutto told them he regrets what happened, and thought the ransom money would come from law enforcement not his mother's own pocket. Hutto remains behind bars, charged with felony extortion.

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