4 new accusers come forward against ReVille in Mt. Pleasant

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - Mt. Pleasant police announced Tuesday that they will serve an additional six warrants on Louis ReVille. ReVille will have a bond hearing Wednesday morning on the new charges, which involve four new alleged victims.

Also on Tuesday, Hanahan police released five incident reports of alleged child sex abuse by Louis "Skip" ReVille. Investigators say there are five male victims who were between 12 and 16 years old at the time the alleged abuse happened in Hanahan.

After Wednesday's bond court hearing, he will face a total of 19 charges in Mt. Pleasant and Hanahan. Investigators say some of the victims may be victims in multiple jurisdictions.

Lt. Michael Fowler says when ReVille confessed to abusing boys in Mt. Pleasant, he told police that he also abused victims in Hanahan.

The incident reports state that the victims were allegedly abused by ReVille at his home in Hanahan when he lived there. Police say he was a coach to the boys.

ReVille will face five charges of criminal sexual conduct with minors in the second degree in Hanahan. After Wednesday's bond court hearing, he will also face 14 charges against nine victims in Mt. Pleasant.

Summerville Police also are investigating ReVille who remains behind bars in the Charleston County Detention Center under more than $1 million bond.

Police arrested 32-year-old Reville, of Mount Pleasant, in late October.

A woman who used to live next door to ReVille in Hanahan Plantation said he occasionally had teenaged boys over to his house.

"I couldn't believe I was living next to a child molester and just very shocked because we would see him and his wife," Donna Kiessling said. "She went out and jogged and they just seemed like nice, church-going people."

Kiessling said ReVille was her neighbor in Hanahan Plantation for about two years.

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