Attorney: ReVille cooperating with police to avoid going to trial

An attorney who is defending accused child sex predator Louis "Skip" ReVille says that his client is providing police information on his victims to avoid going to trial.

"He has indicated to me that he does not want to go to trial. He does not want to have any of the victims relive anything or recount anything," Attorney Craig Jones said. "So, I do not anticipate going to trial, and he has specifically cooperated so as to make sure that never occurs."

Jones said that the majority of the victims known to police was through information ReVille has provided to investigators. According to Jones, there has been no talk of a deal at this point.

ReVille was charged with two more counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and four more counts of lewd act on a minor Wednesday by Mt. Pleasant police.

ReVille was in court again Wednesday to face the newest charges, which involve four new alleged victims. A judge added an additional $400,000 to ReVille's preexisting $1,075,000 bond on eight other charges. The former teacher, principal and coach's bond now totals 1,475,000. 

ReVille has been locked up in the Charleston County Detention Center since late October and according to Jones ReVille is being kept separate from the general population. Jones said that his client has had visitors but would not elaborate who they were.

On Tuesday, Hanahan police released five incident reports of alleged child sex abuse by Louis "Skip" ReVille. Investigators say there are five male victims who were between 12 and 16 years old at the time the alleged abuse happened in Hanahan.

When the charges in Hanahan are filed, ReVille will face a total of 19 charges in Mt. Pleasant and Hanahan. Investigators say some of the victims may be victims in multiple jurisdictions.

Police says when ReVille confessed to abusing boys in Mt. Pleasant, he told police that he also abused victims in Hanahan.

Wednesday's bond court judge issued $100,000 bond for each count of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and $50,000 for each of the four counts of lewd act on a minor.

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