St. Stephen retiree wins $1 million in Powerball

ST. STEPHEN, SC (WCSC) - For 10 years, a St. Stephen man has been picking his own Powerball numbers. Last Wednesday his persistence paid off when he won $1 million.

Lottery officials say an extra buck made the difference. By laying down a $1 for PowerPlay, his $200,000 prize for matching five numbers was an automatic $1 million.

Had he matched the Powerball number, the jackpot would have been his. Multi-millions aren't his style anyway.

"I never wanted to be a millionaire, but looks like the Lord has made me one," he said.

Retired, the winner plans to keep active working odds jobs with no plans of letting his newfound wealth slow him down.

"A man my age doesn't need to sit down," he said.

What he wants is a motorcycle, and he will have one now.

"And I'll still do anything to make a buck." he said.

The odds of winning $1 million playing Powerball are 1 in 5.1 million.

Alvin One Stop in St. Stephen received a commission of $10,000 for selling the claimed ticket.

Since the start of the Lottery in 2002, more than 932,000 college scholarships and grants have been awarded to South Carolina's students. In all, more than $2.6 billion has been transferred to support educational programs in the Palmetto State.