Taking to trip to Disney World for cheap

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A trip to the Magic Kingdom is a dream many families have, but the price tag to visit Disney World can break the bank.

This dream can be a reality thanks to websites like Mousesaver.com that offers families tips to help families plan a Disney World vacation.

Mary Waring runs Mousesaver.com with its 300 pages of info that's a step by step guide to major expenses and how to cut them.

She said people should start looking at lowering their biggest expense -- the hotel.  Waring said that staying on property during non-peak travel times is the best value.  A "value" room at the resort is sparse, but clean with two bathrooms, a kitchen, and as little as $89 per night.

Another tip to cutting your cost is getting a free Disney dining plan.  Disney offers a dining plan during peak season to make your trip "all-inclusive," but this plans can be pricey.  However Disney doesn't advertise that during non-peak travel times, these plans are free.  The downside is that these free Disney dining plans don't come at the same time every year.  You have to check websites like Mousesaver to find out when it is.

As for tickets, instead of purchasing them from Disney themselves try looking into authorized ticket dealers.  Sometimes these authorized dealers can save you up to 8 percent, and that can really add up.  

The Ogden family of Charlotte, North Carolina have visited the resort six times in the past five years.  They have saved hundreds of dollars using websites like Mousesaver.com and driving themselves to the theme park.  They priced a typical Disney Vacation on Disney's website at $4,200.

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