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Picking the perfect Christmas Tree

Now that it's Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas tree lots are popping up all over the place. Live trees are beautiful and smell great, but they come with some special challenges. Check out these basic rules before you bring that tree home, to make sure it doesn't ruin your holiday spirit.

Half of us will likely buy a live Christmas tree this year. But before you hop in the car to pick out the perfect tree, you need to make a list and check it twice. Most importantly, measure the ceiling height where you plan to set up the tree and include room for your topper. Keep in mind, trees usually look smaller than they really are, out on an open lot.

Angie Hicks of Angie's List says, "when purchasing a Christmas tree, the key here is finding a fresh Christmas tree." "Most of us go out and buy a pre-cut tree, but you want to be sure it looks fresh, otherwise it's not going to last through the holidays. If you feel like the trees don't look fresh, go to another vendor."

Nursery owner Loren Schmiere says there's an easy way to tell just how fresh a tree is.

"When you are picking out one on a lot, you should be able to pull on the limbs lightly and the needles won't come out or if you shake them on the ground lightly you shouldn't have a lot of needles fall."

To keep your tree fresh, make sure it gets plenty of water. Never let the tree stand go dry, and keep it away from heat, otherwise you are looking at a potential fire hazard.



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