Grandmother shot while cooking Thanksgiving dinner

OMAHA, NE (KETV/CNN) - A Nebraska grandmother was shot in the arm while cooking Thanksgiving dinner in her kitchen by a man who was allegedly aiming at children playing in the street.

"They were shooting outside running, I mean going up that hill at those little kids," said Cindy Kellogg, neighbor to the woman who was shot.

The woman's 14-year-old grandson fell while trying to run from the man. Police say they don't know why he aimed for children.

"I want to stay in the house with my mom," said Jazmir Holmes, 8, who plays on the street where shots were fired. "I'm scared."

"It's sad to have to want to move, since I did grow up here," said Jazmir's mother, Mary Holmes. "This was my mom's house before she passed, but I'm looking for something better for my kids."

Doctors say the grandmother is in serious condition but she is expected to survive. Police continue to look for the shooter.

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