Black Friday bonanza in the Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Move over turkey, it's time to shop. Black Friday is off to a roaring start with stores opening even earlier than usual.

Shoppers everywhere braved the cold temperatures Friday morning to cash in on deals from TV's to toys.

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"It's just a time to get up, me and my husband have been doing it for 20 years," Lori Longhurst, a Black Friday shopper said, "It's fun, I do it cause I like to see all the different people out there."

The National Retail Federation expects up to 152 million Americans to shop this weekend. That's up from 138 million last year.

This year the hot ticket items are electronics.  Some camped outside a Best Buy as early as Wednesday night to get their hands on a 42-inch Sharp LCD flat screen for $199. 

As for the holiday season as a whole, shoppers are expected to spend nearly 500 billion dollars. That's 3 percent more than last year.

It's one of the busiest shopping days of the year and customers know exactly what they want and where to get them.  Careful and strategic planning is the key to make Black Friday shopping a less hectic one.

"We go through all the ads and see what would be of interest and then we go to the internet and we compare ads to what we find on the internet, and that's how we route ourselves," Amy Smith said.

A report by True Car says this year, Black Friday will be the best day of the year to buy a new car. The website reports automakers will be offering big deals on 2011 and 2012 models.
It says you could save thousands of dollars on a new car.

An injury was reported in Summerville during Black Friday. Summerville police say a woman was taken away by EMS after being pushed and shoved around at a Walmart. She was taken to the hospital with back injuries.

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