Daughter surprises mom with kidney donation

(Photo: WSOC/CNN)
(Photo: WSOC/CNN)

FORT MILL, NC (WSOC/CNN) – A woman in North Carolina has been waiting for a kidney transplant for years and now has one thanks to her daughter.

Sarah Nesbitt lost her kidney function because of a complicated pregnancy. Now, she is scheduled to get a new kidney because of her daughter's donation.

Melody Nesbitt was with her mom when she was pregnant and doctors told Sarah she would have to make a decision.

"They said, 'the only thing is - if you choose to have this pregnancy, you will be on dialysis for the rest of your life," Sarah Nesbitt said.

Since Sarah did what was best for her kids, she has spent years on dialysis, while waiting on a kidney transplant. That is, until a letter came from Carolina's Medical Center.

"My mom thought it was just another bill, so she kind of just opened it without looking at the front and it was like, 'thank you for considering donation' and my mom is like 'I'm not donating anything,'" Melody Nesbitt said. "She looked at the front and it said my name, so she called me over and said 'is this true?' and it was."

Melody wanted to surprise her mother by donating a kidney to her mom ever since her brother was born. When she turned 18-years-old earlier this year, Melody got tested and turned out to be a match.

"I think she deserves a second chance at life," Melody said. "I just look at it like that. She's given me a lot since I've grown up, and so I feel like this is me giving back."

Sarah Nesbitt says she is worried about her daughter's recovery, but is very grateful.

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