Hollywood neighborhood concerned after home invasion

HOLLYWOOD, SC (WCSC) - A knock on the door, then a trick that lead to a terror filled few minutes for some Hollywood residents has neighbors on alert after a home invasion on Scott White Road in Hollywood.

It didn't take long for word to get out. Oscar Scott lives right down the road from where it happened.

"I got an alarm system in my house, got a gun on my night stand. If anybody breaks into my house I'll have to do what I have to do," Scott said.

According to deputies, one of the suspects knocked on the door, saying he was looking for somebody and then asked to use the phone. At that point, two other guys rushed in armed with handguns.

Deputies say they grabbed some cash and jewelry and then got away. The crime hit too close to home for Hollywood Mayor Jacqueline Heyward.

"I live on Scott White Road, but you know no one's immune to crime in such an economy and a nation that we live in now," Heyward said. "It's unfortunate that people have turned to that."

The mayor says there have been some problems with crime in the town, but nothing like an armed home invasion.

"I think of the good old days when I used to be able to leave my door unlocked and many people in our neighborhood used to do it as well," Heyward said.

Scott also says times have changed in the neighborhood.

"I used to brag about this area at one time, but now, I don't know," Scott said. "It's getting worse and worse out here day by day."

Heyward says the home invasion is a sign that neighbors need to look out for each other.

"We just have to get our community back and reclaim some of those old values that we used to have that seems to be lost," Heyward said.

Scott says he will keep his eyes open and have his gun ready if the robbers return to the neighborhood.

"I don't really want to hurt anybody or kill anybody because that's not what I want to do. But I got to do what I got to do," Scott said.

The sheriff's office says the victims did not get a good look at the suspects and didn't see if they had a getaway car.

No one was injured.

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