Cops: Man burned kitten to death in charcoal grill

Chance Godwin Adams (Source: GCSO)
Chance Godwin Adams (Source: GCSO)

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - A Georgetown man is facing multiple charges after police say he used a charcoal grill to burn a kitten to death last Saturday.

The Georgetown Police Department has charged 24-year-old Chance Godwin Adams with animal cruelty, breach of peace, second-degree assault and battery, and use of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.

Officers responded to a home on Black River Road on Saturday after receiving reports of a man with a gun.

The woman who lived at the home told police that her son, Adams, had pointed a shotgun in her direction in their driveway and inside the house.

The incident report states that officers found Adams wearing odd-matching clothing with ski goggles on nearby Saville Street. Police arrested him and said that Adams was sweating and breathing heavily. Officers also said that Adams was carrying a pistol holster in his waist band and parts of a shotgun in his sock.

Police said they returned to the home to search for the weapons. They found a semi-automatic rifle in the kitchen of the house but couldn't locate a pistol or a shotgun.

The search continued outside, where officers made a shocking discovery. Inside of a charcoal grill that was still warm to touch, police found the body of a kitten. The suspect's mother told police that a stray kitten had been staying at the house.

The mother then told police that a family dog which disappeared was also last seen with Adams, and police also said the dog's collar was found his Adams' sister covered in what she thought was blood.

The dog has not been located, police said.

Officers said when they were taking Adams to the Georgetown County Detention Center, he talked about setting a cat on fire. He also talked about hiding the guns, and when asked for their location, responded only by saying "aim high, in the tunnel."

Police say the weapons still have not been located.

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