Emails released by The Citadel in ReVille case reveal more details

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Citadel released new documents Wednesday evening in its investigation into former camp counselor and accused child sex predator Louis "Skip" ReVille.

The documents include emails from 2007 between the military college's lawyer and several counselors, shortly after a former camper accused ReVille of sexual abuse.

The former camper accused Reville of forcing him and another teenager to watch pornography with him and touch themselves in 2002. In the documents released Wednesday, The Citadel's attorney, Mark Brandenburg, wrote that the camper seemed "believable" because his story had remained the same each time he was asked to described the alleged abuse.

Read the email transcripts here.

Brandenburg wrote that during his investigation, the camper identified Skip ReVille as his abuser, without hesitation, when shown pictures of former Citadel counselors.

He interviewed the camper in July of 2007, but in an email from November of that year, he wrote that he would not take further action because he hadn't heard from the camper or his family for several months.

In the same email, Brandenburg discussed statute of limitations and how much time the alleged victim had before he could no longer seek legal action.

Brandenburg wrote, "I am hopeful that by conducting an investigation on behalf of the school, no formal investigation, criminal or civil, will occur."

The emails also described settlement attempts, including the possibility of giving the camper $20,000 and allowing him to enroll at the Citadel.

But in those November 2007 emails, Brandenburg wrote that he suspected the camper had decided not to attend the Citadel, but hadn't called him or his family to confirm that suspicion.

Brandenburg also wrote that ReVille strongly denied the allegations, but then wrote, "However, Arpaio's initial denials were equally as forceful, and unfortunately, ultimately proved totally false."

He was referring to another former Citadel counselor, Michael Arpaio, who was also involved in a sexual abuse case at the school prior to this alleged incident.   The Citadel settled for almost 4 million dollars in 2003. The military college and Arpaio are currently facing a new lawsuit brought by another camper dating back to 2001.  Arpaio is currently locked up in Puerto Rico for failing to register as a sex offender and faces life in prison after being convicted in a carjacking case.

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