SC group wants to build home for rescued wolf

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (AP) - An animal rescue group near Georgetown hopes to build a compound for a white wolf that was rescued during a raid on puppy mill earlier this year.

The Sun News of Myrtle Beach reported that the wolf named Star is now living in a reinforced raptor house at S.C. Animal Rescue and Educational Sanctuary. Cindy Hedrick of the rescue group says the 5-year-old wolf needs her own compound where she can heal.

Star was brought to SC-CARES after Newberry County police raided a puppy mill in Prosperity. Hedrick says officers confiscated 66 dogs, a wolf-dog mix and Star, who had spent her days tethered by two collars and a logging chain to a tree at an abandoned house.

SC CARES now houses more than 160 animals.

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