61-year-old accused drug dealer wanted for skipping bail

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A local bail bondsman has seven days to find a Charleston man or it will cost her $25,000. This isn't an ordinary case because the suspect is 61 years old.

Rhonda Smith of Rhonda Smith Bail Bonds says she has until Dec. 15 to find Edward Walker Alston. Smith says she bonded out Alston in May 2010.

Alston was charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin. Smith says she usually doesn't bond out drug dealers, but made an exception because Alston is a senior citizen.

Since Alston skipped his court date, Smith has exhausted every avenue possible to find him.

"A $25,000 loss today is substantial anytime, so yes it's a vested interest," she said. "I lose."

Alston was last spotted on the east side of Charleston near Romney Street. Smith recommends not approaching Alston, but if you see him, just call the police.

Smith says there is a volunteer reward of $500.

Anyone that gives information can remain anonymous.

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