Police cite man for 'huffing' aerosol cans, again

Adam Wayne Buchner (Source: Cashbond)
Adam Wayne Buchner (Source: Cashbond)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say they cited a man at a downtown hotel for "huffing" cans of aerosol dust remover Wednesday afternoon for the fifth time since May.

27-year-old Adam Wayne Buchner has again been cited for unlawful use of aromatic hydrocarbons.

Charleston Police Department officers responded to the Comfort Inn on Bee Street on Wednesday after the hotel's assistant general manager voiced her concern for one of the occupants.

The employee told police that Buchner had been staying at the hotel for several days and no one had seen him leave his room yet. The woman said before calling, she knocked on Buchner's door to try and talk with him. The employee said Buchner answered the door holding an aerosol dust remover can and "looked like he was high."

The woman said she then ran Buchner's name through RMS which showed that he had been cited for the same crime 4 times since May.  Buchner was last cited for the crime on Thanksgiving Day.

When police arrived on scene and entered the room, they said they found Buchner sitting in a chair holding a can of the dust remover. Police said Buchner's face was red and his eyes were glossy and bloodshot. Officers said they found 15 aerosol cans scattered throughout the room.

Buchner told police that he had been "huffing" them throughout the day, the incident report states.

Buchner was taken to MUSC for evaluation before he was released to his girlfriend. He is scheduled to appear in court next Tuesday.

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