Attorney: ReVille encouraged boys to 'flash, sext'

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - An attorney representing some of the alleged victims of accused child predator Louis "Skip" ReVille said Thursday that ReVille sent an e-mail to parents before his arrest, stating that he encouraged boys to flash each other their private parts.

Attorney Gregg Meyers said the e-mail is mentioned in a Hanahan Police report. Police turned down Live 5 News' request for the report this week, saying it was exempt from the state's Freedom of Information Act.

However Meyers, who is representing five of ReVille's alleged victims saw the message while conducting his own investigation into the case.

"I know it came from Skip ReVille to a group of parents that he apparently was trying head off further inquiry, that's my speculation," Meyers said.

Meyers says the e-mail mentioned a disturbing form of discipline ReVille used in bible study.

"A boy would stand up, he would slap the boy's testicles -- not underneath his clothing -- on top of the clothing," Meyers said. "Totally inappropriate touching."

Meyers said ReVille wrote that he encouraged the boys to play a flashing game on the basketball court.

"Given some kind of scoring reward for willingness to flash their genitals to the other boys just briefly," Meyers said.

The attorney said the e-mail also mentioned another game where boys were encouraged to use their camera phones to take photos of their genitals and send them to other boys in the group.

Meyers said it is possible the e-mail was the launching pad for the investigation into ReVille.

"It's all being done by Skip ReVille," Meyers said. "Now that by itself, you could be arrested for those things."

Since his arrest, police say ReVille has admitted to molesting as many as a dozen teenage boys.

Meyers expects more than 20 accusers will come forward when all is said and done.

"It's a nightmare still unfolding," Meyers said.

ReVille is facing charges in Mt. Pleasant and Hanahan. Summerville police also are investigating the former coach and assistant school principal.

ReVille is being held in the Charleston County Detention Center on more than $1 million bond.

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