Charleston police advising public of holiday safety

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Police Department is alerting the public to be cautious during the holidays especially when it comes to armed robberies at stores and burglaries at home.

Sgt. Trevor Shelor with Charleston's Crime Prevention Office stopped by the Live 5 News' studios to give tips to make your holidays safer.

"We're concerned about preventing armed robberies as a major priority both to individuals and business," Sgt. Shelor said. "With stores that are open late or after dark, we would ask the store clerks or even patrons that are coming to those stores to be observant in the parking lot. Look for folks in the parking lot that appear to be watching the store."

Authorities say susceptible times are opening and closing times.

"First thing in the morning or ten minutes before the store closes. These are times that are susceptible to have things happening," Sgt. Shelor said.

Police say another crime that increases during the holidays is home burglaries.

"During the holiday season, people will leave town which leaves the house available for a burglary to happen," Sgt. Shelor said."There are presents and gifts that are around the house. Make sure those things are out of view of the front windows. Close your blinds, make your house look occupied by leaving your lights on."

Sgt. Shelor said after opening your presents don't leave big boxes out by the curb that might give burglars an idea of what's inside the house.

"It's a very common tendency to take the biggest box in the room, put all the trash in it and take it out to the curb," Sgt. Shelor said. "Which is showing somebody your new TV box or your new Xbox."

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