Club owner, 5 others arrested in underage drinking sting

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Colleton County Sheriff's Office says the owner of a club and five other people were arrested in an underage drinking operation.

On Saturday at 3 a.m., authorities conducted a bar check at 357 John Taylor Lane in Walterboro at Club Platinum.

Authorities arrested the owner, Derrick Bodison, and charged him with sales of alcohol without levied tax paid, sales of alcohol to underage persons and failure to post underage drinking signs.

Five other people were also arrested on charges of a minor in possession of alcohol, selling beer or wine to a minor, public disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

"This [club] has been named a nuisance by the members of the county and a major incident waiting to happen with the mixture of drugs and guns found during this incident," said Deputy S. Elrod."This drives home the fact that this effort needs to be continued throughout the county and circuit to reduce and stop the sale of alcohol to minors."

Nineteen citations were issued for liquor law violations, underage alcohol possession and disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

In addition, deputies say two handguns were found abandoned in the club and confiscated.

"Today's operation was a success thanks to the hard work of all participants involved. The underage drinking issue became very apparent today," Deputy S. Elrod said. "This establishment is not licensed to have alcohol on premise, sell alcohol, and if they were, they would be in violation of the ABC laws for selling to minors, selling after hours and other various activities."

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