Rebecca Black tops Google 2011 top searches

NEW YORK (AP) - American pop singer Rebecca Black topped Google's fastest rising searches for 2011.  Others that made the list were Hurricane Irene, Ryan Dunn and Steve Jobs.

Google released their lists of the "Fastest Rising" and "Most Popular" for terms in categories ranging from pop culture to science to sports. These lists show the search terms that spiked the most in popularity from 2010 to 2011 or were the highest ranked search queries of the year.

You can find a full list of top searches here.

Those searches include the following lists:

Fastest rising searches on (U.S.)

1.       Rebecca Black

2.       Google+

3.       Hurricane Irene

4.       Pinterest

5.       Ryan Dunn

6.       iPhone 5

7.       Casey Anthony

8.       Adele

9.       Osama bin Laden

10.    Steve Jobs

Fastest rising image searches (U.S.)

1.       Planking

2.       Kate Upton

3.       Justin Bieber 2011

4.       Pippa Middleton

5.       Hope Solo

6.       Ryan Dunn

7.       Mariah Carey twins

8.       Rebecca Black

9.       Casey Anthony

10.    Royal Wedding

Information provided by Google.