Young couple murdered, friends pray for answers

RIDGLELAND, SC (WTOC) - A young couple's family and friends gathered Monday night for a candlelight vigil to remember Tameeka Welch and Chad Beckett.

"It's awful to see two young people's lives snuffed out for no apparent reason," neighbor Joe Miller said.

Police say Welch and Beckett were shot multiple times inside their Ridgeland apartment.

Friends believe it wasn't a stranger who pulled the trigger, but rather someone who knew the couple.

"It feels like you can't trust anyone now. You think people are your friends? Think about these two murders. It is just so sad," friend Kisima Jenkins said.

Police say family members became concerned on Saturday when they couldn't get in touch with Beckett or Welch. Police went to the apartment and found the couple dead on the floor.

"We had two bodies with multiple gunshot wounds...but no suspects or leads," Tim East with the Ridgeland Police Department said.

If you have any information, contact Ridgeland police.

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